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Constant Humanity

I don’t get being human. I don’t get emotions and chemicals and spirit and soul and mind and thoughts and feelings and screw ups and get rights. The only thing I get about being human is that it is hard.

It is hard.

Trials come and temptations go and sometimes we get it right but most times we don’t. How many times have I asked myself when I would finally get it right? How many times have I longed for more years on my resume of life. Years that would give me more experience. More maturity. More understanding. More knowing the right move to take. But humanity is never an easy question. It is not an arrival.  We don’t get to the right place by chance, or years, or any other accomplishment. After all, how can we. We are not the remedy.

We are not the remedy. I am not the remedy. I want so much to be. I want so much to get things right. How many times do I turn around to see that once again I have fallen. I made the wrong choice. I fell into the wrong action. Or rather, I walked deliberately into the wrong action. I am not the remedy. And this sin, this sin that entered into my humanity, it is the disease.

I remember the day that my doctors told me there was no other medicine to take. I remember the day they told me I had taken them all. In a world full of instant gratification and never ending choices, I was an exception. This disease was an exception.

“What do you mean I’ve taken them all?”

“What do you mean there aren’t any other options?”

It didn’t seem possible. Not in this culture of the world is my oyster. This world full of never ending possibilities and full life adventures. In a culture that says you can never have enough, that there is always another way, it is hard to accept the word no.

“There is nothing else we can do for you.”

The end of the rope had been met. There were no more options. No more remedies.

And how often does humanity feel the same. We strive and struggle, seeking options and opportunities that we never really know if we are going to meet. We strive and struggle because we think we are the remedy. We are the better. We are the hero. But we are not the remedy. We are not the better.  We are not the hero.

He is our only remedy. He is our only better. He is our only hero.

He is the lead in this story. We are not the lead. We are extras, walking back and forth on a stage. But no one comes to the theater to see the extras. They come to see the lead. To see the plot. And we, we are not the plot. These stories of ours, they are not the plot. His love, His death, His sacrifice. His blood, offered to us, changing us, flowing through us. Giving life and power. That is the plot. That is the story. And that is the remedy.

It is not my fixing. My power. It is the power of Him in me.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. For it is the power of God for salvation. For remedy. It is His power in us that brings remedy. For in it, in the gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; just as it is written, But the righteous man shall live by faith.”

We live by faith. As righteous men we live by faith. We live for the main character. For the plot that changes everything. We live for the gospel, and through it gain power, salvation, remedy.

We do not just pray for revival. We do not just hope for revival. We live for it. We live in it. Through the power of the gospel. Through the power of salvation. Through the power of God. Power living in us. Power flowing through us. Power remedying our ever constant humanity.

|Romans 1:16-17|




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