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Where My Soul is Certain

Its snowing again. I think we’ve had snow for 10 days straight. That’s an oddity for us southerners. But I don’t mind it. I know several who are annoyed. I know several who don’t like it. But for me, snow is always a reminder. It’s never a snow day. It’s always a grace day. And so as I look out the window to white stuff making my window look more and more like a snow globe, I write.

Audrey Assad sings of how He came into this world like snow. She sings of how He came soft. How He came quiet. How He came slow. And as I watch the snow fall it is just that: soft, quiet, slow. It is easy. It falls so easy. Laying down without a hint of sound. It falls and relaxes onto the earth, or maybe the earth relaxes to the snow. It falls piece by piece and moment by moment and as it does it ushers in peace. Peace by Peace, moment by moment. And suddenly it is here and suddenly it is everywhere. Piece by piece. Moment by moment. And there is peace. Peace is here. Peace is everywhere. And I remember.

I remember Job’s friend, Elihu. It was probably the only wise thing he said. He reminded his friend of the power of our God. Of our great God. He reminded Job of how the God of everything says to the snow, Fall on the earth. And then it falls. For He says to the snow, “Fall on the earth; likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength.

I love this verse. I love how it reminds me with each falling snowflake of His strength. I love how I can watch the snow fall without a sound and peace covers my soul. I love how my neighborhood becomes white and suddenly I am certain. Certain of my God. Certain that He is able. Certain that I am not without, because I am with Him. That is where the peace comes from. It isn’t from the method of the snow. Its pattern and rhythm. It isn’t from its quiet that seems to overtake and silence all around. It is from the certainty of Him. He is constant. He is strong. He is unchanging and sovereign. He said to the snow fall on the earth. He says fall, and it falls. Likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength. He says fall and it falls. Even the winds and storms obey. And with that there is peace.  Because as He says fall, His strength is revealed. And as His strength is revealed, my soul is certain.

With each graceful snowflake another place of life is covered. Another angst. Another fear. Another worry.

And as His strength is revealed, my soul is certain.

Job 37:6


2 thoughts on “Where My Soul is Certain

  1. Love this! I’m one of the weirdos who loves the snow. I was so happy to have 5 fresh inches at my house this morning. I have been in a funk though – maybe it’s the lack of sunshine? My soul has been struggling. I love this fresh perspective on snow!

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