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The Lost Silence

I lost the silence. I lost it somewhere between Monday and the Mundane. How do I do that? How do we do that? You start out focused. Life is good. Life is great. You am running in stride and it feels good. You can hear the cheering around you. You can hear the cheering behind you. And then you get caught in the rhythm of the run. You get caught in the pat, pat, pat of feet on pavement and before you know it there is no focus, there is only blur. And what seemed like movement becomes dragging.




Can you feel the pull. Can you feel the burden? Can you feel the weight. It drags. It slows. It blurs. Life is no longer movement. I am not moving forward. Or am I ? I cannot tell. Because this needs done and that needs tending to. And this one called and that one emailed, and all there is to do has not been done. And I see piles. I see piles all around. And what was day is now night and nothing has been done, nothing has been accomplished. And all is ever before me, ever present. And I run. I run and run and yet there is no movement. There is no progress. Because it is and it is and it is. The road becomes dark. The road becomes sparse. The sky is gray and all I can do is try to keep up, but keep up with what I want to know. Because this is not what I was called to. This is not what I was made for. I was made for life. For life abundant. He came to me for life abundant. But this is not life abundant. This is work abundant. This is tired abundant. This is weight abundant. This is heavy abundant.  Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.


Rest. What is that? Because I go to bed every night, but there is no rest. Because dreams become work. Work of the next day, work that is forgotten, work from all this stress. There is no rest.  There is stress. There is laying down and waking up, but where is the rest. where? Because the silence is gone and in its place is noise. Noise from evrywhwere and everything. Noise of friends, noise of culture, noise of media, noise of life. And I cannot make the noise stop and I cannot make the running stop. I cannot see through the blur. I cannot drag enough. It is all there and all here and all everywhere. And I cannot make it stop. I cannot make it slow. I cannot make it hush. Oh let it hush. And let me stop. And let there be silence. I only want silence. I had the silence. I lost the silence. I only want there to be silence. Where is that silence?

But He said, Come to me. Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Come to me. That is all He says. He does not say run. He does not say do. He does not say drag. He says come. Have you come to him? Have you sat at the feet of the One who loves you most? Have you come to talk to the One who listens? The One who wants to hear you? Have you come to sit in the glory of the King? Have you come to the cross of the One to which your life was ransomed? Have you come that you may find the silence through the song of your heart? Have you come?

He only says come. We must only come. And the running stops. And the blurs fade. And the dragging releases.

We must only come.

John 10:10 | Matthew 11:28


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