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Take Time

I have been thinking a lot about time this morning. How time can corrupt into busyness. How busyness corrupts all the more, stealing more and more of life until we have run amuck into action, without one opportunity for intention. Busyness is not a bad thing. But like all things, how easily does it turn into something bad. It throws us into thought, into need to’s and should be’s. It pulls the wool over our eyes and takes away our ability to sense. When we heed to busyness we give up on presence.

I lay here in bed on this cloudy morning thinking it over. Jesus was busy. Jesus went from morning to evening, through the masses, with the masses, always doing. He had to get into a boat just to get time away for Himself. But then I think again. Yes, Jesus was busy. But He knew how to take time. He always took time. Always made time. In spite of the busyness, He took the time for intention, for presence.

He took time with the Father. He took time with the disciples. He took time for the woman who pulled at His cloak. He took time for the one dropped through the roof. He took time for the children. Let the children come, He said. Yes, He took time. Even in the busyness, He stopped to be intentional, to be in the moment. He took time.

Every Thursday my friend wears a shirt to exercise class. “Practice Presence.” She wears it to help her remember. She wears it to help us all remember. Just breathe. She says. This is fun. She says. It does not feel fun. Every move makes my muscles burn and shake. I watch the clock as if it is my only ticket out. I anxiously watch the minutes pass by. Just let it be over, just make it be over. I do not take time, I push time. I want time to move on. I want time to be gone. Practice Presence. Even in the pain, even in the uncomfortable, practice presence. I want to be like Tara. She is like Jesus. She learned this well from Jesus. I want to be like Jesus.

I want to take time. I want to make time. I want to be intentional. To practice presence. Oh let me be in the moment. In the moment with my Father. I want to go off in the moonlight and sit in the garden. I want to be with Him at dawn, as mists rise from the earth. I want to tell Him all my heart and hurts and walk through it with him. I want to take time with my father.

I want to be about my Fathers business. My Fathers busyness. If I am to have busyness let it be of my Father. I want to take time.

Luke 2:49


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