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Finding Home

My brother turned 26 last week. He’s also got married. On his birthday. And today, he goes to Korea with his wife to start a new chapter.  My little, baby brother is growing up. And there’s not much I can do, except to reminisce on old days and look forward to the days to come.

If my brother ever had a motto growing up it was “Go big or go home”. When he was little, Mom signed him up for a baseball league, and suddenly it was his biggest obsession. Overnight he was collecting baseball cards, playing baseball games, and learning everything baseball. Whenever he lost his temper, he lost it, with all bets off and anything fair game, hair pulling and punching included. Then again, I may have deserved it. When he asked for a teddy bear one Christmas, he of course, didn’t want just any teddy bear, but rather one triple his size. In middle school and high school, all phases were more than phases. He was the most skater of the skaters, the most punk of the punks, the most emotional of the emos. As an artist, his artwork was never mediocre. For every painting, every sculpture, even every sketch, it was big, bold, and stunning… Even the chandelier that most of us didn’t understand.  And then instead of college, Luke decided to join the military. But he couldn’t just join the military. Instead he had to again go big. So he set off for the multiple written and physical tests required to join the SERE program. Its just in his nature, my little brother. He does everything he can to the best of his ability. Nothing is ever chosen carelessly. Nothing is ever chosen because it is the easier option. He wants the best. For himself or from himself. It doesn’t matter the cost. Often the cost required is enormous effort and endurance. And he follows through because the quality is worth it. He knows quality because he is quality.
So it came as no surprise last Christmas, when he brought home his fiancée, that she would be quality herself. If ever my brother has chosen to go big or go home, it was with choosing his wife. Shelby isn’t just another girl. She has a heart to rival Queen Esther. And the beauty too. Her humor is effortless and quick. She isn’t just a nice girl, she is the nicest. She’s not just a great girl, she is the greatest. He looked for quality. And he found his prize.
I love my brother to the depths, and admire him even more. His ability to live life with all his heart, soul and strength is uncanny, otherworldly. He lives his life to the fullest, leading others as he does it. Whether therefore you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Whatever he does. Whatever I do. Whatever you do. Do all to the glory of God. My brother’s motto on life transcends to our motto in soul. Do all to the glory of God. Go big or go home. Follow Him with your whole heart or leave to your own pleasure. He does not want our lukewarm faith, neither hot nor cold. Yet how often is it all we give. Lukewarm Mediocrity. Stale, stagnant, lukewarm waters with no movement and no air to breathe life. We grow comfortable in these waters. Sitting, staring, like frogs on a lily pad, wondering why life abundant is so hard to find. But it is out there.
Whoever believes in me…Streams of living water will flow from within him. 
Streams of living water. Streams of movement. Water full with deep, life giving air. We see the effort as a cost. When really, like my brother, it should be our nature, our motto. Go big or go home. Do it all to the glory of God. Let waters flow from within you. Streams of living water.
We can breathe. We can move. Its not a cost. It is a gift. My brother sought out a life of quality, and he found his prize. He found his Shelby.  And once again I’m learning from him. Do all to the glory of God. Go big or go home.
Its a beautiful thing he taught me. Because really when I choose the One my soul loves most I find home. I can go big.
I can go big and be home.
I Corinthians 10:31 | Revelation 3:16 | John 7: 38

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