Gospel Bells

I didn’t plan on writing You a letter tonight. It’s Christmastime and I’ve been caught up in the season, with parties, and friends, and shopping, and such. It’s easy to do.  It’s easy to get caught up in the magic that Your Person brings to our small, little earth. And yet, on moments like this, when I actually stop and realize that I am forgetting the very thing I am celebrating, I like to sit and remember.

So tonight, in this still moment, I want to remember You. I want to remember all the things You are, and have been in my life. There is no one like You. People say that so much, in prayers, in song, in the day to day, that it becomes so cliché. But I hope You hear the truth of those words when I say it… There is no one like You. No other person can stir up the hope and anticipations that You stir within our hearts.

I have never realized how saturated Christmas is in the gospel. We have tried to ignore You, we have tried to turn the story away from its main character. We have tried to dilute the gospel message, and say that Christmas is about other things. But those other things, joy, peace, goodwill to men, these are things that You brought to us. How can Christmas be about these things, and not You, when these things are You. We have tried to forget You, in a world built to remind us of You. And yet, Your love for us does not lessen. You love us just as fervently as You did the day you decided to create us.  And so the magic of Christmas continues. Because within the magic is the soft whispers of Your love. Snow falls oh so silently around us, and wraps us in magic. And we can sense there is something more. Something that settles deep within our souls. Stillness knits into our hearts, echoing ancient truths of you. Merry Christmas becomes more than a greeting, it is an invitation to know You. Oh that we would know You. That we would see You. Let us see more than just red and green. Let us see Your presence, Your person, Your heart.

Let the gospel bells ring as Christmas bells do. Let us hear Your message in these carols. Let fresh snow fall on quiet streets. And let us see overwhelming love fall with it.


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