Praise Songs, The Plans He Has for You

The Difference a Day Makes

Recently I’ve had some time on my hands. A lot of time on my hands. And now that I’m starting to feel better, I’ve wanted to do something with that time. But the problem is that I’m not 100% sure of my body. It’s fickle. It changes its mind at any given moment, and then before I know it I’m sick and back in bed. That’s a problem. Because for a girl who thrives off activity, there’s not much activity available when stuck in the same house day in and day out. But two weeks ago the Holy Spirit gave me a word:


He told me to pray.

I knew it was so much more than just something to do. It was an opportunity to use those many extra hours. It was an opportunity to find purpose in my dull days. It was an opportunity to invest.

I began asking the Spirit what He meant by investing. And then, 2 hours before my weekly Bible study met, He told me to take a notebook and get some requests on paper. So off I went with my little notepad. It took almost the entire time of our groups meeting for that notebook to go around the room. I remember telling the group, “If you have no requests, at least write your name so I’ll have everyone in one spot.” I thought at most maybe 5 out of the 20 some people there would write requests. After all, we tend to live in an unspoken heavy world. But as the night went on I watched as every single person wrote in that pad. Some wrote a few words. Most wrote paragraphs. Obviously there is more going on in our little group than even we realize. Obviously God is at work. Which means Satan is also fighting. And so the Spirit intervened, giving us the backup we needed through prayer. And He didn’t stop there.

When I came home, the Spirit gave me another idea. I began reading through a list I have of the names of God. There are almost 400 names on that list. And the Spirit began to move once again. “There is power in these names. My power is in these names”, I heard Him say. “Pray my power over them. Pray these names over them.” With that inspiration, I began praying over each person in the notepad. After I prayed, I asked the Lord to guide me as I read over that list of names. I asked Him to allow any names that applied specifically for each person to pop out at me. The plan was to then pray those names into each person’s life in the months to follow as a way to pray even more power into their life. This was such an intimate thing. The names of God handpicked by God. I thought I should share these names with each person I prayed for. Because if it was me, I knew I’d want to hear the story, and the names. So I set out to pray, write down each name, and then email each person individually with their specific list. I had no idea what a task this would be.

It took me 3 days to finish. That may not sound like a long time. But when you are completely free of duties, when you literally have 24 hours in a day at your disposal, then 3 days is a lot of time. But it was all worth it. And here’s why:

On day 3 I emailed the last 6 people on the list. And the following day I received this email:


I am so thankful and overwhelmed by these words. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day God changed my life. The day I laid down my will for His will. Every day since I have had a spiritual battle as I have chosen to walk for the Lord. I know that I am a weapon now and our enemy wants to destroy that. I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this. There have been mile markers on my journey with Christ and yesterday was a huge one for me. Funny God should give you these words for me on this very day. God is so awesome! I am placing these words on post it notes on my bathroom mirror to pray these things into my life daily. Praise be the Almighty God forever and ever amen! 


Now here is the exciting thought. The person who wrote this email was sitting right next to me. I could have passed that book to the right or to the left. There was nothing pulling me towards either direction. If I had passed it to the right, he would have received it immediately.  He would have been the first to write a request. But instead I passed to the left, causing him to be one of the last entries in that notepad. Are you seeing this? To me, this was simply an idea from God to help fill my days, a way to be helpful and serve. But to God, this was an opportunity to minister to one of His children. It took me 3 days to get through every person and send out all the emails. If I had passed that notebook to the right then I would have emailed my friend much sooner than he needed. And while I’m sure that email would have been impactful on Tuesday, I doubt it would have meant even half as much as it did on Thursday. And God knew that, and so He had me pass that notepad to the right. I wonder what he is doing to impact you today. You may never see it, just as my friend didn’t, but believe it is still happening. Let it make you gasp in wonder and smile with joy all at the same time.


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